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Engaging Youth for Positive Change

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About the EYPC Program

Engaging Youth for Positive Change empowers young people to work with local governing bodies to adopt policies that create healthier communities.

The EYPC Program is ideal for established youth groups working in communities that desire to bring about positive local policy change for their youth. EYPC involves youth directly in this broader community-based change effort and uses this change opportunity as a “teachable moment” for youth civic engagement.

Targeted to youth ages 13-18, trained facilitators guide youth to identify the change they or their community desires, to learn about the workings of local governing bodies, to engage friends, neighbors, and business leaders in their efforts, and to communicate with elected officials.

Youth involved in EYPC will:

  • Bring about positive change in their community.
  • Define an issue and identify the change they want to make.
  • Identify and meet decision-makers – those who can create the change the group wants.
  • Engage in data collection and analysis to support their chosen issue.
  • Develop their message and spread the work: engaging the community in support of their effort.

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